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Technology for a sustainable tomorrow.
Powering the Future

About Greenethic

Greenethic is an engineering and consulting company providing professionals for offshore wind power and electrical infrastructure. We specialize in high-voltage cables and accessories from tender to commissioning.


We provide high-quality services tailored to our client's specific needs. Our team comprises highly experienced specialists:

  • Project managers

  • Engineers

  • QA and QHSE personnel

  • Cable specialists 

Our vision is simple: Powering the Future. We use technology to create a better, greener tomorrow for future generations.

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The current geopolitical situation resulted in an acceleration of the renewables sector. The industry must overcome new challenges like supplier bottlenecks and human resources.

Energy majors face new recruitment challenges due to the high demand for energy specialists. The situation is even more overstrength as oil and gas companies decarbonize their industry and invest in offshore wind energy. We at Greenethic cannot overcome all industry shortages but can ensure your project with highly skilled resources.

Site Allocation
High Voltage Cables
Offshore Wind
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Participated Projects

We're proud to have been involved in the biggest projects and partnerships worldwide.

Offshore wind farms

  • Sunrise 924 MW NY wind farm (Ørsted/Eversource)

  • Hornsea 2 the world's largest offshore windfarm by 2022, Array Cables (Ørsted)

  • Borkum 3 & Godewind 3 largest German offshore windfarm (Ørsted)

  • Walney 220 kV, AC system, 157km of subsea cable to connect two wind farm platforms to each other and to shore and 24 km of underground cable for the grid connection (Ørsted)

  • Hornsea 2 220 kV, HVAC XLPE offshore export cable system, (Ørsted)

  • Dudgeon 132 kV, 2x3-core AC submarine cables, each 42km long (Statoil & Statkraft)

  • Sandbank 155kV, 2x3-core AC submarine cables, each 36 km long (Vattenfall)

  • Kriegers Flak 220 kV, 100km HVAC cable system (50Hertz and Energinet)

  • Burbo Bank 220 kV, XLPE AC cable system, 24 km of submarine and 30 km of underground cable

  • Rentel 220 kV, 41.5km 3-core HVAC submarine XLPE cable (Rentel NV)


  • NordBalt 300 kV DC cable system, 2x400 km XLPE submarine HVDC cable, 2x40 & 2x13 km XLPE underground

  • HVDC cable (Svenska kraftnät, Litgrid AB)

  • NordLink 525 kV, mass impregnated (MI) HVDC cable system, 2x154 km subsea DC cable (MI) and 2x54 km underground DC cable (MI) (Statnett, TenneT)

  • ÅL-Link 80 kV, HVDC Light link between Åland and Finland, 158 km (Kraftnät)

  • CMS 320 kV, HVDC extruded cable system, 2x113 km of submarine and 2x20 + 2x28 km of underground XLPE cable (SSEN)

Oil and gas projects

  • Martin Linge 145 kV, 3xXLPE HVAC submarine cable system, longest AC cable ever made PFS and FSO for Martin Linge SURF

  • Ivaar Asen - power cable for Ivaar Asen gas and oil field

  • Johan Sverdrup 80kV, 200 km of extruded submarine DC cable (Equinor)


Hornsea 2 

The Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm in the United Kingdom's North Sea, owned by the Danish energy company Ørsted. The largest offshore park in the world.

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Kalmar, Sweden


+46 730 58 46 68 


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